The Seagull

written by Anton Chekhov,
in a new version by Martin Crimp



"The [stage] was beautifully reimagined as a desolate lakeside, making fantastic use of the bare-bones set to draw attention to the complex characters."
- Eleanor Rogers, Honi Soit




with Zach Beavon-Collin, Bianca Farmakis, Lucy Burke, Clare Cavanagh, Julian Hollis, Charlie Meller, Elizabeth Milstead, Helena Parker, Jimmy Pucci, and Bradley Ward
written by Anton Chekhov, in a new version by Martin Crimp
directed and designed by Victor Kalka
costume design by Jessie Huang
stage manager Chris Starnawski
photography by Chris Starnawski

“Just an idea – an idea for a story. Young girl, lives on shore of lake since childhood – like you. Loves the lake – like a seagull. Then one day a man turns up, sees her, and mindlessly destroys her – just like this seagull.”

Konstantin dreams of writing the play that will forever change theatre. One hot, summer night he debuts his new work. In the audience are is his mother – a fading actress, her lover – a famous writer, and their friends and family. On stage is the woman Konstantin loves. Sparks of passion are ignited, and the soaring ambitions of this family and the people they love, are tested against the cold reality of life.


Honi Soit