Victor Kalka

In 1995 I convinced my teacher to let me perform the Mr Bean skit I'd devised at lunch to my Year 1 class. In 2003 my teacher let me direct our Year 8 play, an adaptation of Blackadder's Christmas Carol. Noticing a trend?

Flash forward to now, and I have a Bachelor of Performance from the Australian Academy of Dramatic Art, and a Bachelor of Arts (Performance Studies/English) from the University of Sydney. I'm freelance theatre artist based in Sydney, and while my repertoire has broadened somewhat from 1980s/90s Rowan Atkinson, I'm still following that passion and creating work.

In 2015 I co-founded Arrive. Devise. Repeat., an ensemble that works extensively with Viewpoints to devise new work or collaboratively stage text based work. 

Select credits include: Director: Tender Indifference and Red Cross for Arrive. Devise. Repeat.; Debris and Grounded for the Sydney Fringe Festival; The Seagull, Titus, and Twelfth Night for SUDS; and Cowboy Mouth for the Backspace Theatre. Designer: Antigone for Ninefold; Something Just Happened and A View of Concrete for SUDS; Her Naked Skin and Eat Me for AIM; Coming to See Aunt Sophie for Encounters@Shalom; and Metafour for Glorious Thing Theatre Co. 

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Victor Kalka, CV


2019, The Cherry Orchard, Anton Chekhov, in a new version by Victor Kalka, Virginia Plain, Chippen Street Theatre

2018, Constellations, Nick Payne, Chippen Street Theatre

2018,  Håmlet: a new Australian play, Antionette Barboutis, ban shakespeare/Bondi Feast, Bondi Pavilion

2017, Brothers Karamazov, Richard Crane after Dostoyevsky, Arrive. Devise. Repeat., PACT

2017,  Bitch Boxer, Charlotte Josephine, Sydney Fringe Festival, Emerging Artist's Share-ouse

2016,   Red Cross, Sam Shepard, Arrive. Devise. Repeat, Sydney Fringe Festival Off Broadway Festival Hub

2016,  Grounded, George Brant, Robot Sparrow Theatre, Sydney Fringe Festival, Off Broadway Festival Hub

2016,   The Seagull, Anton Chekhov in a version by Martin Crimp, SUDS, Cellar Theatre

2015,   Tender Indifference, Arrive. Devise. Repeat, Sydney Fringe Festival, PACT

2014,   Assistant Director, Four Dogs and a Bone, John Patrick Shanley, Brief Candle, Old Fitz, dir. Kate Gaul

2012,   Debris, Denis Kelly, Mischief in the Woods, Sydney Fringe Festival

2012,   The Clifftop, David Potter, SUDS, Cellar Theatre

2012,   Twelfth Night, William Shakespeare, SUDS, Cellar Theatre

2011,   Titus, William Shakespeare, SUDS, Cellar Theatre (NSW) & The Loft (QLD)

2009/10,   Cowboy Mouth, Sam Shepard, OneFest & Backspace Theatre

2009,   The Merry Wives of Windsor, William Shakespeare, PLoT, Studio Theatre

2009,   The Proposal, Anton Chekhov, PLoT, Studio Theatre,

2008,   The Importance of Being Earnest, Oscar Wilde, PLoT, Studio Theatre


2019, Set and Costume Design, Ditch, Dream Plane Productions, dir. Kim Hardwick

2019, Production and Lighting Design, Once in Royal David’s City, The New Theatre, dir. Patrick Howard

2019, Set and Costume Designer, Nosferatu: A Fractured Symphony, Montague Basement, dir. Saro Lusty-Cavillari

2018, Costume Associate, Ear to the Edge of Time, Sport for Jove, dir. Nadia Tass

2018, Set and Costume Designer, The Street of Crocodiles, AFTT, dir. Anthony Skuse

2018, Set and Costume Designer, Image of an Unknown Young Woman, AFTT, dir. Kim Hardwick

2018, Production Designer, Wyrd: Season of the Witch, Ninefold Ensemble, dir. Shy Magsalin

2017, Production Designer, A Westerner's Guide to the Opium Wars, Thirty Five Square, dir. Kevin Ng

2017, Production Designer, Brothers Karamazov

2016,   Production Design, Red Cross

2016,   Production Design, Grounded

2016,   Art Director, Fragments, AFTRS Short Film, dir. Kim Hardwick

2016,   Art Dept. Assistant, Let’s Activate! TV Pilot, Lucas Bradley Productions

2016, Set and Costume, A View of Concrete, SUDS, dir. Tabitha Woo

2016, Set and Costume, Antigone, Ninefold Ensemble, dir. Shy Magsalin

2015,   Set Design, Last Drinks/Two Mouths Four Hands, Brave New Word, dir. Luke Holmes & Bokkie Robertson

2015,   Set and Costume, Metafour: Four Short plays by Samuel Beckett, Glorious Thing Theatre Co., dir. Erica Brennan

2015,   Set, Coming to See Aunt Sophie, Encounters@Shalom, dir. Moira Blumenthal

2015, Props, Freak Winds, The Old Fitz Theatre, dir. Marshall Napier

2014, Set & Props, Eat Me, AIM – Dramatic Art, dir. Sarah Watson

2014,   Set & Props, Casualty of Birth, AIM – Dramatic Art, dir. Nathan Wilson

2014,   Set & Props, Her Naked Skin, AIM – Dramatic Arts, dir. Peta Downes

2012,   Set & Costume, Debris, Sydney Fringe Festival, TAP Gallery

2012,   Lighting, Nocturne, MADSOC, Seymor Centre, dir. Shu Yueng

2011,   Set, Something Just Happened, SUDS, PACT, dir. Harriet Gillies

2010/09,  Set & Costume, Cowboy Mouth, OneFest & Backspace Theatre

2008,   Set, The Importance of Being Earnest, PLoT, Studio Theatre


2017,   Deviser/Performer, Götterdämmerung (twilight of the gods), Arrive. Devise. Repeat., KXT bAKEHOUSE

2016,   Deviser/Performer, Götterdämmerung, Arrive. Devise. Repeat.

2015,    Deviser/Performer, Tender Indifference, Arrive. Devise. Repeat.

2015,   George Tesman, Hedda after Hedda Gabler, Robot Sparrow, dir. Zach Beavon-Colin

2014,   Ana/Jamie Parker, MP, Eat Me, AIM – Dramatic Arts, dir. Sarah Watson

2014,   Edward Gray/Dr Klein, Her Naked Skin, AIM – Dramatic Arts, dir. Peta Downes

2014,   Jason, Medea, AIM – Dramatic Arts, dir. Kate Gaul

2013,   Jim Brown, Embers, AIM – Dramatic Arts, dir. Luke Rogers

2011,   Mr Bentley, The Other One, SUDS, dir. Finn Davis

2011,   Francis, A Nuclear Christmas, dir. Heath Ivey-Law

2010,   Trinculo, The Tempest, PLoT, dir. Tai Gardner

2009,   Adon Mede, Clinic of Unhappiness and Negative Therapy, Directions, dir. Heath Ivey-Law

2009, Osric, Hamlet, Old Nick, dir. John Clark

2008,   Puck, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Directions, dir. Heath Ivey-Law


2016,   Associate Producer, Tiny Remarkable Bramble, Impending Room/KXT/bAKEHOUSE, dir. Cathy Hunt

2015,   Production Manager/SM, Awkward Conversations With Animals I’ve Fucked, Unhappen (NSW)/Loud Mouth Theatre Co. (TAS), dir. Jimmy Dalton


2016,   Physical Actor Training, Tina Mitchell

2015-16,   Suzuki Training, Ninefold Ensemble, Shy Magsalin

2014,   Physical Actor Training, Tina Mitchell and Shane Anthony

2013-14,   Bachelor of Performance, AIM – Dramatic Arts

2012,   Active Analysis Introduction, Paige Ratray, University of Sydney

2011,   Shakespeare’s Clowns, Ira Seidenstien

2010,   Actor and the Ensemble, Jeremy James, Salamanca Arts Centre

2008,   Linklater Voice Progression, Rob Pensalfini, Salamanca Arts Centre


2009,   Best Production, Cowboy Mouth, OneFest

2009,   Best Director, Cowboy Mouth, OneFest