Håmlet: a new australian play

"unnerving and confusing, it disturbs us in the moment, and leaves us frazzled after, quite possibly in a masochistically satisfying way" - Suzy Wrong

written by Antoinette Barboutis
directed by Victor Kalka
dramaturg Kate Gaul
with Antoinette Barboutis, Matt Castley, Philip D’Ambrosio, Amanda Maple-Brown, Linda Nicholls-Gidley, Gemma Scoble, Alexandra Stamell, Alana Stewart
set design Mathilda Robba
costume design Sabina Myers
lighting design by Martin Kinnane
stage manager Martin Quinn
ban shakespeare/Bondi Feast, Bondi Pavilion, July 2018

Hamlet and Ophelia are depressed. Or is it Antoinette? Sarah Kane meets Brecht meets Adult Swim in this failed but brutally honest attempt to perform Shakespeare's classic. Post-dramatic, metatheatrical and downright phantasmagorical, our performers slip in and out of Shakespeare's famous text whilst simultaneously taking the piss and fervently attempting to get things right. This is Hamlet unlike you've ever seen it before.