Brothers Karamazov

after Dostoyevsky, written by Richard Crane

December 6th - 16th, PACT

written by Richard Crane, after Dostoyevsky
directed by Victor Kalka
with Alice Birbara, Ryan Devlin, Patrick Howard, and Lucia May
produced by Jess Zlotnick
sound design by Ryan Devlin and Patrick Howard
lighting design by Liam O'Keefe
stage manager Christopher Starnawski
Arrive. Devise. Repeat, PACT, December 2017

A wealthy landowner is brutally murdered in a small town, and each of his children is caught up in the crime. In the wake of the murder the writhings of a dysfunctional family are exposed: the petty rivalries, the romantic triangles, and the seething resentment. 

Equal parts murder mystery, family drama, and absurd comedy, Dostoyevsky's dissection of humanity is brought to life in Richard Crane's award winning adaptation.