Bitch Boxer

written by Charlotte Josephine

"Alice Birbara and director Victor Kalka [..] are on their way to being a formidable creative pairing."
- Judith Greenaway, Sydney Arts Guide

"This is deft story telling at its best."
- Matt Sitas, Honi Soit



written by Charlotte Josephine
directed by Victor Kalka
with Alice Birbara as 'Chloe Jackson
sound design by Ryan Devlin
stage manager Christopher Starnawski
photos by Clare Hawley
Sydney Fringe Festival 2017, proudly supported by a USU Bright Ideas Grant

London, 2012: women are finally stepping into the Olympic boxing ring. Chloe is 21 years old, she loves cherry sambuca, Rihanna karaoke, and winding up her dad. She's also a professional boxer with her sights on a spot on the Olympic team. As Chloe prepares for the fight of her life, she's blindsided by two life changing events.

"Every fighter's got a reason they fight. Deep down. Women can't box? You watch." 


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